Robbie Hift has written 10 coffee table books and four spiritual books. His series entitled “legends of Jeffreys Bay” have become instant successes. Three of the seven editions are now sold out.  His El Shaddai publishing company is based in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa. He also takes on editing and proofreading work for university students doing their Masters and Ph. D degrees. Robbie formed Writeway Services to handle this proofreading and editing service.

Robbie holds three university degrees and taught English language and Computer Science at high schools and Technikon in Natal for many years before retiring from teaching in 1993. He came to live in Jeffreys Bay where he ran Riverside Computer Consultants for 16 years before opening his El Shaddai Publishing Company in 2005 to publish his books.

He is a compulsive surfer and traveler and lived in the USA for several years. He admits that “I must have surfed over 50,000 waves in my lifetime… and although I am 69 years young, I still get out in the water every morning in Jeffreys Bay when there is some surf!”

“After spending 3 years in a Hare Krishna ashram in San Diego, I escaped in 1980 and went surfing in big waves in Hawaii for six months.  I met some Christians out at Pipeline who lead me to become fascinated by Jesus Christ and to accept Him as my personal savior. That was the greatest and best decision I ever made, and my faith in the Lord has successfully shaped the rest of my life.” (Read “Escape from the California Cult”)

In 2003, he became fascinated by South America and its people and made surfing trips to Punta da Lobos in Chile and to Chicama in Peru, which is the longest left hander in the world (2kms!)

Robbie says, “I also lived in England for three years building a recording studio. Any chance I got, I was off to France, Spain, Italy, Holland and I even slipped across the Med to Morocco, but it was too hot for me and the people too volatile!” Years later, I flew over to Mauritius on two occasions to surf Tamarin Bay.

Indonesia is my second great love affair, after Jeffrey’s Bay, and I have made three surfing trips over to Bali, to Java and to Nusa Lembogan. Then there was a time for several years when I was flying into China every year to explore the electronic markets. One of my highlights was taking my family to Sri lanka in 2017 to explore ancient civilizations, surf golden beaches and hang out with the natives.”

Robbie Hift created his own newspaper, The Eastern Cape Mirror in 2010, which is a “good news, positive” community newspaper. In 2017 he decided to concentrate on writing books rather than newspapers.

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